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Experiential Design

We offer experiential design, focusing on creating a physical space that your customers can immerse themselves into, which allows them to experience your brand. It is becoming increasingly challenging for brands to maintain a physical presence while the digital experience has become the major way in which consumers interact with brands.

Through our research, we discovered that out of participants of our experiential design, which were spontaneous dance performances over 75% felt positive emotions, like joy and happiness while over 90% felt they will remember the brand and what they offer better because they took part as the audience. And the majority answered that they understood the brand and what services/products it offers better after engaging in the performance.

Your reach extends significantly when you promote the footage online. We offer packages that include professionally filmed and edited video to create that buzz around your brand. Get in touch with us today at info@theunifiedwolves.com to start designing your brand experience!


Experiential Marketing

We specialise in experiential marketing utilising the performing arts. Why? Because the world has already shifted into an experience economy. Beyond products and services, what customers increasingly seek now are experiences. Performing arts excels at offering memorable experiences. Our award-winning artists and marketing experts offer you a tailored approach to fit your needs to reach your customers and increase brand awareness.

When it comes to marketing, there are countless approaches. A recent study revealed that when asked if they thought their marketing efforts were successful, over 50% of SME owners answered “I don’t know.” Every business has their target market and the most effective way to reach them. We can help you find the best way for yours.