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Artists, don't be afraid to ask for pay

This is a personal letter to all my fellow artists out there trying to make a living through their passion and love of their art. And to those who hire artists.

Have you heard of a saying where artists need to do free gigs in order to gain exposure? I never have and most likely neither have you. But, there's an unwritten "rule" that many artists seem to have been following for decades, even centuries. A misconception of artists needing to perform/ draw/ paint/ sing/ act/photograph etc... for free before they can get paid.

I personally never believed in this but had done my share of free gigs in my earlier career, sometimes even paying to perform! If a TV producer says, "Look, this is going to be great exposure for you, you'll be on Live TV and you know how many people would be watching?" and you've never been on TV before, chances are you might think… Read more

Our founder named first Virtual Artists in Residence at Naomi Korn Associates

Our founder, Rebecca Imaizumi has been named the first Virtual Artist in Residence at Naomi Korn Associates, the UK’s leading copyright, data protection and licensing specialist who helps their clients manage their rights and privacy responsibilities. We’re very excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity with support from Naomi Korn Associates to help our business grow further! Thank you!

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