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The Enterprise Department, Kingston University

The performance organised by Rebecca and The Unified Wolves at our celebration event was nothing short of exceptional. Rebecca was a pleasure to work with, met our needs even when they changed. Their performance gave our guests a memorable welcome to our event.
— Entrepreneurship Project Officer, Kingston University
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It was nice working with Rebecca at The Unified Wolves, her enthusiasm for the project was remarkable.
— Co-Founder, KAPDAA
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I strongly believe that passion can take you anywhere, this is how I started Bollywood Trails. But more than my passion, it was the hard work and dedication invested by The Unified Wolves in my project that strengthened my belief.
Creatively classy, amazingly entertaining, that’s what Unified Wolves is for me.
— Founder, Bollywood Trails
Rebecca’s attention to detail, professionalism and creative problem solving means that her work for us is carried out to the highest standards. I would have no hesitancy in recommending her.
— Managing Director, Naomi Korn Associates

Case Studies


We take great care in measuring the impact our experiences have on our clients and their customers. Here are some case studies based on questionnaires we had the participants of the Experiences fill out to find out what they thought about the Experience and the impact we made.

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High level of engagement…

Out of the audience of Celebrate Enterprise Award Ceremony at Kingston University, 90 % of respondents answered that they were engaged in the performance on a level 7 or higher (on a scale from 1-10) and out of those, 25% answered that their engagement was at level 10, while 25% answered their engagement was at level 9. 90% said they were more likely to remember the Enterprise department and the event because of the performance. Highly engaging experiences are what we continue to offer our clients.

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Creating a memorable experience…

Out of the potential customers of Bollywood Trails who experienced a flash mob, 72% said their level of interest in the brand increased after the performance while over 70% answered that they experienced enjoyment, 44% experienced excitement and 33% experienced happiness. Through research, it has been proven that when customers experience positive emotions associated with a brand, it increases the chances of fostering loyalty which also lead to sales.

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Boosting brand interest…

Over 90% of the audience of the flash mob staged for KAPDAA said that they would like to experience a similar type of entertainment while 78% answered that the level of interest in the product increased post performance. We gained KAPDAA’s potential customers’ attention and increased their interest in their product.